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Are you satisfied with the performance of your e-commerce store? Is there enough web traffic on your site? Well, until every single person who visits your website doesn’t buy something, there will be a need for improvement. As we all know, every major business has turned themselves digital by opening eCommerce stores, and most of their sales are generated by their online stores. Ecommerce stores play a major part in the business, so every business priority is to make their e-commerce stores fast, easy, and programmatic for the customers to make their business successful.

The majority of the E-commerce website faces the issue of web traffic that they don’t get their desired audience to explore their page and the only reason behind this is poor optimization of the website. If you look upon some online stores, you will find out their website is not engaging and hard to explore because of their poor style and designs, and eventually, they start to lose their customers. If you have similar concerns such as; Not enough web traffic, Customers are not satisfied with your services or you don’t meet your targeted sales then don’t worry as We are here for you to solve these issues.

We will be telling you the best techniques by providing you BEST E-COMMERCE WEBSITE DESIGN strategies that will let you optimize your e-commerce website more efficiently.


Whenever an individual explores a particular online store, he would only make a purchase from there if the site is appalling to him so for that, your first step should be to improve your product page. The product page is improved by showing the viewer that what product is placed whereby providing them a good navigation system in which they search for their desired product and go directly to it rather than just exploring every product you sell and getting bored in that process

You can add attractive SEO Titles for your brand which help your website to rank up in the topmost searched websites of that particular product segment which will automatically help you to generate your sales at a much higher rate than before as now it has been the customer’s first choice to buy from.

How you present your product is the major tool of your product page so your Product images play a vital role in making your brand favorite in the eyes of customers. Also include some videos regarding your product that how they look and how it is used which will interact with the viewers on your website to explore more.

For Example, MODCLOTH uses model pictures as well as shows customer photos with their product. You can check it on https://www.modcloth.com/


No one will want to buy your product if your pricing strategy is not operated properly. You have to set your price by keeping in view what your customer’s demands are as many stores put on prices of their demand and face a heavy loss. You can use some methods to improve your pricing technique by comparing two of the side of your product by side telling your customers about their prices and qualities. It will help you to sell less priced products as people will always buy which will seem cheap to them as compared to others and in this pay that product will be famous and sales will be doubled.

You have to tell people to buy if you want them to purchase and for that try using some engaging technique like, using animated characters or creative GIFs which will develop the interest of the product in the eyes of the customer. You have to tell people about the benefits of your product because if you don’t tell them how would they prefer to buy your product? Use a number ending in 9 to increase your conversion rate and even it will help to get doubled if monitored properly.


Personalization implies demonstrating your client’s significant, customized offers, and substance. You can do this by depending on the information you have from the web and social examination that shows what their identity is, the thing that they like, and where they’ve been on your website. Viewers are always frustrated by the irrelevant content that they see around your page during their search.

You have to be specified to what a person needs and for that, your personalization should be smartly segmented. People should only see content related to what they are interested otherwise it will lead to customer loss of interest In the website. If you want it short and quick then try highlighting the recommended products to the customers.

According to the research of Smart Insights, 8% of eCommerce revenue comes from recommending products with the language “visitors who viewed this product also viewed”. You can check their website on https://www.smartinsights.com/


These days everyone has access to mobile phones so most of the viewers on your website are mobile users. It is essential for you to improve your mobile eCommerce optimization in order to make their visit a good experience. Mobile users are very short-tempered so they don’t like slow processes and if your site takes more than 3 seconds, there is a 40% chance that a mobile user will leave.

So you have to improve your content showing speed on the mobile interfaces in order to make your customer relieved on your site. Mobile SEO plays a vital role in making your website the most preferred site to visit so you should improve your titles and description for the mobile search and also include voice search which is used by 50% of the mobile users. In order to gain a good response from mobile users, it is necessary for your marketing team to target them specifically.


The search bar is considered to be the most important tool for your increase in web traffic on your website. Most of the time when your old customer comes back to the search bar and they won’t find your product’s suggestion at the first choice or search, it increases the chances of them visiting your competitor to purchase that particular product.

Advance your item portrayals and title catchphrases for search inside your site just as for SEO. Join enlightening Keywords that meet SEO necessities while having the correct item labels for the site route. While using keywords is necessary but your content should also be breathtaking for the crowd to develop their interest in your brand.


You will definitely see a change in your website after implementing these techniques that we have mentioned above. However, you can use some other tactics as well. Feel free to share your reviews with me



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